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Turbo Traffic System Review

Turbo Traffic System Bonuses

Turbo Traffic System Description

What is Turbo Traffic System

Strong SEO techniques and Social Networking sites are the focus of Turbo Traffic System. It's the latest coaching program developed by two extremely successful online marketers, for teaching techniques to generate targeted traffic to your websites.

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Configuring Platinum SEO Plugin

Configuring Platinum SEO Pack

Platinum SEO Pack Basics

Platinum SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that automates a great deal of the basic SEO optimization of your posts and your blog site as a whole. It allows you to do a basic configuration and then focus on the content of your posts instead of the details of optimizing them for SEO. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you've seen some previous posts on this plugin: one on installing platinum SEO plugin, another on basic SEO concepts that touched on the use of Platinum SEO for that purpose. This article will go into much more depth about how to properly configure Platinum SEO for use.

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Auto Content Cash Review

Auto Content Cash Review

Auto Content Cash - What Is It?

Auto Content Cash is a full training system on how to create niche information sites that auto-populate with content and rank well on Google. Their approach is to create "auto-pilot" sites that require little or no maintenance after they have been set up. The sites that result have excellent, automated on-site SEO so that they can rank in the 1st page of Google with little or no backlink building, cutting down on both setup work and maintenance immensely. This is the key point: ZERO UPKEEP.

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Redirecting to a New Website

Redirecting Traffic to New Website

Simple Method to Use With Apache

Automatic redirection of traffic can sometimes be an important problem to solve. Here at our blog, we recently had to deal with the issue as we had two different addresses for our blog: and Originally we set up the shorter name as a simple "alias" for the longer name, but this caused cross-site scripting errors with some of our JavaScript. What to do? You don't want to lose any indexing progress you've made with the shorter-name URLs, but you also can't leave them "in the wild". Forcing 301 redirects is the answer.
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Uploading and Embedding a Video

This is a quick demonstration of how to upload a flash video. I'm going to insert the demonstration video following this opening paragraph. The full description of the procedure and another video describing the process will appear farther along in the post.

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