Auto Content Cash Review

Auto Content Cash - What Is It?

Auto Content Cash is a full training system on how to create niche information sites that auto-populate with content and rank well on Google. Their approach is to create "auto-pilot" sites that require little or no maintenance after they have been set up. The sites that result have excellent, automated on-site SEO so that they can rank in the 1st page of Google with little or no backlink building, cutting down on both setup work and maintenance immensely. This is the key point: ZERO UPKEEP.

The course is focused on a basic concept of making small, incremental amounts of income from a large number of sites. And by large, we are talking about potentially hundreds of sites. Using the tools and techniques and "blueprint" they provide, you can create a functional, money-making site in about 2-3 hours, somewhat less with practice. No individual site will make a lot of money -- they generally consider a site "successful" if it makes 75 cents to a dollar a day -- but will pay for itself over an initial period and then produce a small amount of profit thereafter.

Basically, Auto Content Cash is a blueprint for creating niche blogs quickly. The effort you put in now produces incremental rewards later. The method requires no marketing or conversion skills, and only a small investment of time per site, but the passive income created adds up quickly. The math is pretty simple:

  • 3 hours per site to set up
  • $10 per site for domain registration
  • $5 per month per site for hosting (high estimate, we know)
  • $1 per day profit
  • Yearly Profit: $365 - $10 - 12*$5 = $295

So, a site that takes 3 hours to create and no effort to maintain makes back about $300 per year. If you're going to create large numbers of sites, you can buy a VPS hosting solution to host all your sites on virtual domains, and cut your hosting cost per domain to just a few dollars per year, increasing the profit to something more like $350 per site. In your spare time, you could easily put together 10 or 15 sites per week, adding $3000 - $5000 to your yearly income every week. How many weeks of spare-time work to replace your current job?

Who Sells Auto Content Cash?

The creators of Auto Content Cash are all reputable names in the Internet Marketing industry; if you've been working in IM for more than a few months, you've almost certainly heard of them by now.

Jared Croslow is probably best known based on his website

Alex Goad has been in the business for years and is well known for products like Affiliate Payload, Google Payload, Commission Payload, Google Conquest, Four Tier Annihilation Method, and Project Blackmask, among others.

Brian Johnson worked with Alex Goad on Google Conquest, and has done various other projects of his own, being best known probably for SEO Press Formula and Commission Ritual. He and Alex Goad teamed up with Jared Croslow specifically for Auto Content Cash.

What Comes with It?

Training material galore on all the tools used by the program and techniques for putting the sites together. This is a training course, pure and simple, and these guys do not stint on it. When you purchase the course, you will also get access to the member forums, which have a high amount of activity. The course creators participate actively in the forums as well. Do not be shy about asking questions!

Here is a short rundown of the course content:

  • Training Manual in PDF Format - almost 100 pages
  • Over 100 videos on all relevant topics:
    • Introductory Information
    • Program Guidelines
    • SEO Principles and Practice
    • Auto Content Plugins and Usage
    • Content Spinning
    • Monetization Techniques
    • Piggyback Marketing
    • Useful Plugins
    • Correct Settings for your Blog
    • Blog Cloning Tools and Techniques
  • WordPress Theme
  • Site Flipping Information

The PDF is well organized and has been updated/fixed at least twice since we purchased the course, with the updated versions being made prominently available for download in the members' area. If you purchase the course, be sure to make the "Recent Updates" page one of your first stops. There have been several webinars, and they are always made available for viewing by the next day with links on the Updates page.

The real meat of the training is in the videos. We have gone through a little more than half of the videos in the course and already the downloads total about 1 GB. Total video content for the course is probably over 2 GB, many hours' worth of training.

Pros of Auto Content Cash

Auto Content Cash videos cover almost every aspect of creating their automated niche blogs. There are a few "oversights" in terms of topics covered which we'll talk about in the "Cons" section. But when it comes to the specific tools and techniques they use, everything is covered clearly and in-depth. It's obvious these guys wanted to over-deliver on their promises and in our opinion, they've done so.

We have already implemented more than a dozen niche sites using the ACC training and techniques, and many advantages have already become clear:

  • Cuts the time required to set up a blog and populate it immensely
  • You will spend about 20-30 minutes "creating" the content of your blog
  • The sites are truly fire-and-forget
  • The SEO optimization of the sites is first-rate (be sure to watch the All-in-One SEO Pack videos)
  • Once a site is created, you can go on to the next without worrying about it

Cons of Auto Content Cash

Information overload is probably the first thing that comes to mind. With all the content, it's difficult to decide what to watch first, and sometimes it seems that the organization of the training material is, well, sub-optimal. You access the training material via a private members' area on the blog, and it is organized by topic, but the ordering of the topics in the sidebar is not necessarily the best ordering to view the material.

You will almost certainly spend some time looking around for better theme(s) to use for your sites. The basic theme that is provided for download in the members' area is not very good. To us, it just looks dated and a little hokey. There are a lot of better themes available out there. Two good ones that are available for purchase are FlexSqueeze and Socrates, both of which we use for our sites. Also be sure to have a look at Flexibility2, a slightly stripped-down version of FlexSqueeze that still has excellent functionality and is available for free.

The course is aimed for the most part at people new to IM, but it does assume some level of knowledge. At the very least, it assumes you know how to acquire a domain name, how to purchase hosting for your site, and how to do your own installation of WordPress, plus that you know your way around the administration side of WP. These sorts of topics are not covered very well (or at all).

Finally, these techniques will not work on a simple website. They are totally focused on leveraging the capabilities of WordPress and various plugins that will function only inside of WordPress. If you are not willing to work inside that framework, this course is absolutely not for you. Don't waste your money!

Our Conclusion

Auto Content Cash is well worth the money. The creators have done an excellent job of creating a step-by-step blueprint for generating incremental money-making niche sites. The sites created are well optimized for SEO and can rank on the 1st page of Google for decent money keyword phrases, even against solid competition and without any significant backlink building. If you're not happy with your ranking, a small amount of backlink work can improve it very easily.

The creators of the course are well known in Internet Marketing circles; they are not fly-by-nighters. Also, the course is sold through ClickBank so you always have their 60-day money-back guarantee. The only thing you will be risking is the time and effort you put into learning the course material and implementing your first batch of sites. If you find those sites are not making you money, go back to the forums and let them know. There is a lot of advice and help to be had there. If you still can't get it to work, you can always get your money back.

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