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Here is the latest in our series of Brass Tacks Reviews. Thankfully, we won't have to do a big trashing job here like we had to for our Whitehat Copycat 2 Review last week. Easy Video Player 2 is a much more general-purpose tool for your marketing arsenal, not a marketing system or training program. So in some ways, it's much easier to review, because it really boils down to a few simple questions:

  • Does the tool do something that I need to have done?
  • Does it do that thing well, and with as little effort as possible on my part?
  • Does the tool actually do what the people selling it claim that it does?

About Easy Video Player 2

Easy Video Player 2 is the second iteration of the original Easy Video Player software suite from Josh Bartlett. It adds features and functionality and fixes some annoying glitches that the original suite suffered from.

So, what is Easy Video Player (aka EasyVideoPlayer)? It is a software suite that enables you to "supercharge" your marketing videos by making it extremely simple to add all sorts of effects and overlays on your videos. It allows you to make your videos "stand out" from the normal videos found on YouTube or marketing websites, to be a little flashier, a little more memorable, and more importantly, to do more for you than a plain video would.

Easy Video Player 2

Here are some of the effects that Easy Video Player 2 will enable you to accomplish with your current videos:

  • Embed email opt-in forms directly into your videos
  • Dynamic control of your website content while the video is playing - show and hide content or buttons at specific times as the video plays
  • Video Split Testing simplified immensely!
  • Embed "Buy Now" buttons directly into your videos
  • One-click auto-generation of entire Video web pages
  • Dynamic, clickable "overlays" can be displayed on top of your videos at designated times in the video
  • Instant redirection of viewers to other websites or pages within your website after the video
  • Video Marketing Analytics simplified; Amazon S3 hosting of your video content simplified, and more

When you consider the possibilities for taking your current "plain-jane" videos and easily doing all of these extra things with them with very little effort, it's almost a no-brainer to take advantage of this software -- provided it performs as advertised. The big question is, does it?

The Good of EasyVideoPlayer 2

The best thing about Easy Video Player is that takes a lot of capabilities that people generally had to "cobble together" using various self-coded or outsourced JavaScript and HTML programming and almost completely automates them. This can actually save you money in the long run, because you won't be paying someone to reinvent this wheel. Or even worse, burning your own valuable time and effort trying to make these things work.

Easy Video Player Opt-In Form
The opt-in form embedding is an absolute dream! If you've done the whole AWeber or GetResponse routine to generate one web form after another, trying to build your mailing list, only to have a pathetically small number of opt-ins (believe me, we can relate!), you'll thank your lucky stars for this one feature alone. Our opt-in rate more than doubled when we started using video opt-in forms. We've heard reports either via email or on the Warrior forums of people whose opt-in rates tripled or even quadrupled!

All of the major functionality they are using as selling points for EVP2 have performed as advertised for us, at least so far. We did discover one or two small glitches and reported them to the support page, which by the way has been very responsive. They're obviously swamped as their main launch week is currently ongoing, but we received a response on our first ticket within about 14 hours.

Easy Video Player Dynamic Control
Some of the more sophisticated capabilities, like auto-control of site content from the video, we haven't had time to test yet -- this takes more effort, not because of Easy Video Player, but because you have to actually create the other content to show/hide, etc. We fully intend to run these tests in the near future, and we'll be updating our review when we do.

You can view an excellent demo of the feature highlights in the video below:

Easy Video Player 2.0

The Bad of EasyVideoPlayer 2

First and foremost: EVP is not cheap. To make full use of it, you will not only need to purchase the software suite, but there is a membership add-on that you'll want to sign on to as well. The software itself is currently selling at an introductory price of $97. The membership will cost another $37 per month. So, our warning to you is simple: if you're not going to use the software, don't buy it! This is not something to buy if you're not actively doing video marketing and a lot of it. Your money would be better spent elsewhere.


First, let's reiterate: don't buy this software if you're just going to save it on your disk and not put it to use. It's a pricey tool, and if you aren't going to use it, save your money. However, if you are doing any serious video marketing, or have solid plans to do so in the near future, you will want this software very soon.

When we think of all the video squeeze pages that we could have put together, and how we could have put our opt-in forms right into the video instead of having them sitting alongside it in a dead little HTML form, we almost want to cry. Plus, all the cool little bells and whistles like hiding and showing buy-now buttons and auto-redirection at the end of the video have so many uses that it will take a whole extra post just to list them.

Stop back by sometime soon; we'll probably have that post up within a few weeks. Or join our mailing list and we'll notify you when it's up!

Easy Video Player 2

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