Facebook is at it again, spoiling Google's run at domination that is. First it was Facebook Ads, and now there going after Search with their brand spanking new 'Open Graph Search Engine!' If I understand correctly, Bing is going to be providing the underlying power.

People in business sectors all over are loving this 'good' news for multiple reasons, but primarily this is 'great' news for us Internet Marketers as it opens an entire new channel for ultra-useful SEO.

Now with all this excitement we need to keep in mind that Google certainly isn't going anywhere, and they're definitely not going to give up their place of domination easily or without a fight. So let's keep it real, Facebook has a long long way to go before they derail #1 Google's pole position.

It probably goes without saying that Facebook Search Engine results are going to be based on completely different algorithms and matrixes than Google's Search Engine. Apparently Facebook is going to provide a 'Like' button for Webmasters to install on their pages for users to click on, which will then be used to rank a site based on 'Likes' rather than 'Links.' Facebook will also provide Webmasters with some sort of meta-tags tool in order for Facebook's Search Engine to know what the site is about.

Facebook believes these tools will be game changers for Webmasters and Site Owners alike. Furthermore, if events of the past (Facebook Ads) are any indication of future events (Facebook Search), we can bet that Facebook has many more features they'll be unvieling as they begin rolling out their new Search Engine.

So webmasters, and especially all you Internet Marketers, it's time to get your SEO on and be prepared to take advantage of what is almost certainly going to be a tremendous opportunity. The bottom line is that when Facebook puts on a party, you do not want to snub the invitation.

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