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Personally, I’m already sick of hearing about Kajabi. So I will do the only thing that makes sense, talk more about Kajabi. :-)

With regard to most of the so-called reviews out there on Kajabi. Typically they're just sales pitches disguised in a features overview, masquerading as a review. The fact that there’s usually no mention of Kajabi’s 'Cons' (weaknesses) indicates something other than an actual review.

Many commentators keep pointing out that Kajabi is only for the more serious business person and experienced marketing professionals. I say Kajabi is really more tailored to the Upstart marketer with just one or two products.

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Why? Because ’serious’ marketers like myself that have ‘experience’ with such things, especially those of us with some solid technical experience are very unlikely to adopt the Kajabi platform. Now I’m not saying that everyone would stay away from Kajabi, but probably most of them will.

The reason is that Kajabi owns and controls your work and in essence your business. Or at least the part of your business that you’re running on Kajabi. No serious and/or experienced business person is going to allow that. Kajabi is going to be attractive to the same people that like MS Windows.

In the software development world, Kajabi is guilty of many sins in how it’s structured to own and control. Experienced people are not going to run to a Kajabi for a few bells and Whistles at the expense of giving up the things that really matter in a business.

I will be the first to acknowledge that Kajabi has some very cool features, but not that cool. Kajabi will definitely make some things easier, but not that much easier. Finally, Kajabi will make some inroads into this industry, but those roads will be paved over again very soon.

The bottom line is that I will be taking a pass on Kajabi for no other reason than as a matter of principle, I will never turn over control of my business data to a 3rd-party, especially when it’s a 3rd-party of marketers no less.

Do yourself a favor, look at the new JVPress Multi-Media WordPress 3.0 Theme. Between that and a couple of other tools, you’ll have everything Kajabi provides and more all for a whole lot less expense.

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