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Here is the next in our series of Brass Tacks Reviews. The good news is, we won't have to do a big trash job here like we did for our Whitehat Copycat 2 Review last week. Popup Domination 2 is a general-purpose marketing tool, not a training program or system. The questions you ask when evaluating a tool are usually different from the questions you ask about a training program. A tool generally either works or it doesn't, and you know which it is by using it. Evaluations of training programs and marketing systems are a lot more subjective.

Popup Domination: What is It?

Popup Domination is/was a WordPress plugin that greatly simplifies the construction and configuration of light box-style email opt-in forms. Light box popups, in case you don't know, are those nifty-looking popups that appear "on top" of your web pages that cause the rest of the page to go "dark" so that the popup really stands out. Since they are implemented as hidden div tags that are "shown" by javascript instead of actual browser windows, most popup blockers have no effect on them.

These light box popups have a very clean, professional look, and (if properly implemented) they generally do not cause resentment in your viewers the way a lot of other popups/popunders can. Hint: always make sure there's a prominent "X" or "Close" button on the popup so that the user can close it easily. The idea is to make a clear, professional appeal for your reader's opt-in, without alienating them by making it hard for them to get rid of. NOTHING is more annoying than getting a light box popup that you can't find the close button for!

Our own split-testing of our opt-ins at AWeber indicated that we got a little less than three times as many subscribers via our light box popup (avg 56.3/wk) as we did from the standard opt-in form (19.7/wk) that we always displayed at the top right of our pages. We ran the split-test over a three week period and the numbers were very stable. The promotional materials for PD2 claim a 304% increase in opt-in rate. That's a lot better than we saw, but we have to admit we could have done a lot more tweaking on our forms but we were too busy with other things to do it. As a result, we don't consider the 304% claim to be bogus.

Popup Domination 2: The Good

The original Popup Domination was a WordPress plugin, which means that it was only useful for people who built their blogs using WordPress. This wasn't much of an issue for us, as we use WordPress for more than 95% of our sites. However, there are still plenty of people who do not use WordPress for their sites, and they were left out in the cold. The good news is that version 2.0 now works with non-WordPress sites.

There are almost twice as many popup templates in the new version as in the old, going from four templates to seven. The color schemes are easily configured, with a set of about 15 predefined color schemes, plus independent color selection for the color of the submit button. The configuration procedure is a little better-organized, broken out into 8 different tabbed displays for controlling different aspects of the display.

The new version (hallelujah!) allows you to configure the popup to display on exit! This is a huge deal, as it allows you to use a nice-looking light box opt-in form when people exit your site instead of having to use ExitSplash for that purpose. ExitSplash still has its uses, but for displaying an opt-in form, we always thought it was sort of like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer. It also took a lot more work to set that up than was needed for Popup Domination. Version 2.0 allows us to use something more lightweight for that purpose now, and we like it.

Popup Domination 2 Promo Video

Popup Domination 2: The Bad

Our biggest beef with Popup Domination 2.0 is the same one we have with version 1.0. It was a simple configuration change that was completely skipped over, and which should have been a very easy change: color palette configuration! They stuck with the same fixed set of colors! Yes, we understand that this makes it easy to configure, but it also makes it impossible to match your overall site color palette. We don't want to be forced to choose our site colors to match our opt-in box! Why, oh why couldn't we have a simple hex-code input for version 2.0?

We could gripe about the price, but having gotten so much benefit out of the first version, we can't really bring ourselves to do it. You really do get a lot of solid value for your money on this one. Keep in mind that, like all products you purchase through ClickBank, you have a full 60-day money-back guarantee, so there's not a lot of risk involved so long as you have the money to spend in the first place.


If you've been in the Internet Marketing business for more than about 2 days, you've already heard the saying: "the money's in the list!" We've found that this isn't really the whole story. It would be better to say that the money's in the value you provide to the list. Folks, be good to your list -- be sure you're providing them with useful information week in and week out, and when the time comes that you promote a product to them, you'll find that they will be good to you.

That said, there's no money at all if you don't have a list, so every tool you can use to improve your list-building is money well-spent. Our guess is that we added more than 100 additional people to our list in three weeks using the original Popup Domination (we assume that about a third of those 169 folks would have opted in with our regular form if the light box hadn't been there). Depending on whose estimates you use, those people will be worth anywhere from 1200 to 5000 dollars to us over the next year. Kind of makes the $77 we spent on PD seem trivial, doesn't it? Click the banner below for more information. Here endeth the lesson!

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