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What is Turbo Traffic System

Strong SEO techniques and Social Networking sites are the focus of Turbo Traffic System. It's the latest coaching program developed by two extremely successful online marketers, for teaching techniques to generate targeted traffic to your websites.

Who Sells Turbo Traffic System

The guys behind Turbo Traffic System are two very successful online marketers, Dean Holland and Adam Spiel. Both are proteges of Alex Jeffreys, two of his former students that he has frequently spoken highly of. Dean Holland is known for training systems like the Starting With Marketing Academy; Adam Spiel is known most recently for his innovative techniques for leveraging the new Social Media in Internet Marketing.

What Comes with It?

Six monthly modules of video and audio training, complemented with printed documentation, worksheets, tracking documentation and various other support materials to help you make the most of the techniques they teach. The training is broken up into six modules, each of which builds upon the knowledge and techniques from the previous modules. Here is a brief rundown of the content provided:

  • Module 1: Setting The Foundation With Your Keyword Pyramid
  • Module 2: Back-Link Juice and Authority
  • Module 3: Social Traffic Blueprint
  • Module 4: Your Own Backlink Network
  • Module 5: The Gold Mine of Local Search
  • Module 6: Total Domination

Module 1 focuses on techniques for identifying keywords, then analyzing them to identify a keyword pyramid, an organized group of keyword phrases to be attacked in a particular order to maximize your efficiency in generating authority with the search engines. Module 2 outlines the techniques used to leverage the keyword list from Module 1 to build the most powerful backlinks possible and improve your links' authority with the engines. Module 3 is about leveraging social networking sites to your best advantage for generating targeted traffic. Modules 4 through 6 are all about advanced techniques for generating backlink networks, targeting geographically localized search terms to get traffic, and generally taking your site traffic techniques to the next level. Here is a link to their introductory video, which you can view to get more information:

Pros of Turbo Traffic System

Good traffic techniques well explained is the first selling point for TTS. The people putting this together know their business and are good at explaining it. The videos are very information-dense; not a lot of fluff, and you'll want to watch them with a pad and pencil or a word processor at hand to make notes. They provide lots of additional support tools like worksheets, tracking spreadsheets, graphical process maps, and so on to help you remember the material and implement it in practice.

This is a particularly good course for beginners. It covers things in a clear and understandable way and does not assume a lot of prior knowledge. The techniques are all "free", no PPC is involved, so it can be implemented by someone starting out without a lot of capital to apply. It lays out a clear game plan with all steps explained, and once it has been successfully implemented once, it should be a piece of cake to "lather, rinse and repeat" to crank out the next site.

Another pro is that they do discuss additional applications of these techniques that can produce immediate income, like creating sites with solid traffic and flipping them, or selling consulting services to drive traffic for online businesses with no expertise in the field who want to outsource. And finally, you can get a 2-week trial for only $1 (at least for now), and they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide you're not happy with it.

Cons of Turbo Traffic System

The delivery structure is our single biggest problem with this course. We can understand what their thinking was when they decided on their release schedule, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with them. The problem is that the utility of Module 1, for instance, is limited because it requires some information from Module 2 to really capitalize on it.

That would be fine if they were releasing a module each week; it would probably take a few days to really absorb everything in Module 1 and do all of the legwork. But a month? Come on, guys, this isn't an old Republic Pictures serial; we don't need a cliffhanger each month! That said, you can get all 6 modules immediately, and even get a price break on it, by basically paying for them all up front, but that means you have to come up with 5 months' worth of cash now instead of breaking it up over 6 payments.

Our Conclusion

We give a solid B for the course, taking off points for their method of delivery. You won't be disappointed with the content of the course, and the techniques described will generate good traffic for your site quickly. However, you will need either the patience to wait a month for each module or some ready cash to "jump the line" by purchasing the entire course up front, so be prepared to make that choice if you decide to buy.

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