This is a quick demonstration of how to upload a flash video. I'm going to insert the demonstration video following this opening paragraph. The full description of the procedure and another video describing the process will appear farther along in the post.

So, how that we've used this post as part of the demonstration, I'd like to fill in the actual description of the process to upload a video to your blog and then make it available in a post:

  1. Save your video to disk
  2. Open your Blog in your web browser and log into the Administration
  3. Click on the "Media Libary" link in the left menu
  4. Click on "Add New"
  5. Click on the "Select Files" button
  6. Navigate to your video in the file browser that comes up, select it and click Open button
  7. The video file will upload and a settings form will appear
  8. Fill in a caption for you video, as well as a title and short description
  9. Important: select the content of the File URL field and copy it out

This process will make the video available as part of your video library so that it can be served out from your site. Note: you must first install the kimili-flash-embed plugin to complete this process; we will be putting up a short demo of how to do that as well. Once the plugin is embedded and your video is uploaded, you'll be able to embed the video in your posts using the following steps:

  1. Open up the Post you wish to embed the video in
  2. Set the Edit Tab to HTML, not Visual
  3. Place your cursor at the point in your post where you want the video to appear
  4. Click on the "Kimili Flash Embed" button in the editor button bar
  5. A form will come up; replace "untitled.swf" with the file URL you saved earlier
  6. Select "Static" and fill in the X and Y dimensions of your video
  7. Then click on the little "more" link to expose additional options
  8. Be sure to set the value for "allow full screen" to "true" in the dropdown
  9. When all settings are filled in, click the "Generate" button at the bottom
  10. The code needed to display the video will be automatically inserted into your post

So, here is a short video presentation demonstrating this entire process live. So we will use the process described in the video, to upload and make this video available!

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