This is not going to be a "nice" Whitehat Copycat 2 review. As you may know, the official launch is scheduled for October 21st. As users of the previous version of this product, the original Whitehat Copycat, we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a good introduction of Tim Bekker's second iteration of what we considered to be an excellent product.

We actually set up a dedicated site to review Whitehat Copycat 2 before we began going over the affiliate support materials (in fact, before some of them were even available). You'll find a slightly shorter version of this review there if you Google for it. So, the first thing we want to say is this: DO NOT CLICK on any of the links going to the informational video until you have read the ENTIRE review! Here's why: this review is going to be broken into two parts. The first part is a review of the product itself, which is a perfectly good product, and in our honest opinion, delivers some excellent value. The second part of the review is a discussion of the marketing campaign for the product, which we believe absolutely stinks!

So, this is our first official Wall of Shame Review for Whitehat Copycat 2...

About Whitehat Copycat 2

Whitehat Copycat 2 is the next generation of the extremely popular Whitehat Copycat Marketing System created by Tim Bekker. The original system was based on the contrarian concept of going after "macro niches" instead of "micro niches" as is commonly taught in the Internet Marketing business.

Whitehat Copycat 2 takes the concept of the original Whitehat Copycat and extends it by providing more and better templates and blueprints, as well as automation software to enable even more rapid, easy construction of sites.


Whitehat Copycat 2

Why Whitehat Copycat?

The conventional wisdom is to identify micro niches in your target market that can be targeted with appropriate keyword search terms to funnel web traffic from people interested in that very narrow niche. You then set up a website to offer products and/or services in that niche and drive the targeted traffic to your site. You make sales, the money rolls in! It is easy (or easier) to get good ranking in the search engines because there is little competition in these small niches.

The problem with this is the balancing act of choosing a niche that is small enough that you can effectively target it and get ranking in the search engines for traffic, but large enough that you can make enough sales to make the effort worthwhile.

Tim Bekker's "macro niche" methodology turns this idea on its head, saying: go ahead and attack a big niche, but do it by hitting it with an entire network of sites that can be set up quickly and easily using templates. Tim calls these little micro-advertising sites "Copycat" sites. You then use intelligent linking methods between the sites to build your search engine rankings much more easily.

What's Good About Whitehat Copycat 2

Whitehat Copycat, more so than almost any system marketed before it, emphasized the use of templates and blueprints to streamline the creation of dedicated sites. This makes the system very simple for new marketers to learn, and extremely powerful for experienced marketers who have good automation tools.

The "macro niche" principle also simplifies things immensely, since you do not have to spend large amounts of time doing keyword research to find just the right keywords for your niche. This leaves more time for implementation of the sites and their content.

Whitehat Copycat 2 takes the concepts of the original Whitehat Copycat and extends them with more and better templates, redesigned and optimized blueprints, and the new Copycat Site Robot software to make creating the copycat sites even faster and easier; the amount of manual work required has been reduced by more than half!

What do you get with Whitehat Copycat 2?

  • Optimized and Tested Templates for all Copycat Site types
  • The Copycat Blueprint - this document explains the entire system
  • The Niche Blueprints - all necessary market research
  • Copycat Mini-Sites Blueprint - step-by-step instructions to create the sites
  • Download Page Blueprint - how to create properly configured download pages
  • Product Blueprint - pre-tested, high-converting products for your sites
  • Traffic Blueprint - Bekker's unique linking strategy for fast SEO
  • Copycat Site Robot - automated scripts to generate sites from templates

What's Bad About Whitehat Copycat 2

The original Whitehat Copycat system included absolutely no training videos, which we considered a major oversight. It has been conclusively demonstrated over years of study that people learn better when they have the combined video, audio, and text input that video training provides. We have heard reports that this version of the system will include video training, but no specifics yet. If it doesn't, we will consider that a major downgrade in our final review.

Filling in the Holes

The system assumes some knowledge of Internet Marketing basics that a very new person may not yet have. It is a little hit-or-miss about what basic subjects it covers well and what it omits.

Conclusions On the Product

Our initial impression is that Whitehat Copycat 2 is a first-rate successor to the original Whitehat Copycat. The Copycat Site Robot is a huge time and effort saver, probably worth the cost of the course itself. We strongly suggest after you finish reading the information on their marketing that you hop over to view the product video, by clicking one of the banners here.

Also, we will be updating the information here as we continue evaluating the results we are getting with WHCC2; stop by and check for updates, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and we will notify you by email when we put up new information.


The Whitehat Copycat 2 Marketing Campaign

Now that we've discussed the merits and faults of the product itself, it's time to turn to what we consider the big problem with it: the way it's being marketed. There are certain techniques used frequently in internet marketing that we consider at best unethical, and at worst, despicable.

We've seen these techniques being used more and more frequently, especially in the last 4-6 months. They're practically a plague in the IM industry at this point, and we've decided we're going to do something about them. What's really sad about the Whitehat Copycat 2 campaign is that they do have a good product, and there was absolutely no need for them to resort to these techniques -- but they did!

So, what are the techniques they're using in their campaign? Let's start with what we consider the worst.

False Claims About Scarcity

Take a look at the animated banner at the bottom of this page. You'll be seeing it, and lots more like it, all over the web in the coming weeks. What's one crucial thing it says about the product? "Only 350 copies Available!". Folks, there's one word to describe that claim: BULLSHIT. If you think they are going to sell only 350 copies of their system, even just 350 copies at an "introductory" $37.00 price, we've got a bridge to sell you in New York.

Folks, there are literally hundreds of affiliate marketers selling this product! They will sell 350 copies in the first hour! Go watch the video when you're done reading; at about 15 minutes, they completely blow their story: they say you would have to buy 700 copies of the product before you would have invested as much as they did just developing the automation scripts. So, let's get this straight: they spent $25,000 developing the Copycat Site Robot, and they're only going to sell 350 copies at $37 to make back $12,950 dollars -- which they are then going to split with their affiliates! What's wrong with this picture?

We're Ordinary Joes Like You -- They're the Evil Gurus!

This is another one that we are seeing a lot of, especially recently. It makes 4 appearances in the first 5 minutes. It's another classic: they're the bad guys; we're just regular Joes like you! Time after time after time in this video, they talk about the "Gurus" who have been feeding you lies. Folks, we want to let you in on a not-so-secret: Tim Bekker is a Guru! If you've been in the Internet Marketing business for, oh, 5 minutes, you know this already!

This is just cynicism on steroids, folks. On the JV affiliates' resources page, they are boasting about "Some of the biggest names in the IM Industry already on board" and they proceed to list off more than 30 big names who are already signed up as JV affiliate partners! So who are the "evil" gurus?!? Because they've already got half the big IM Gurus signed on as affiliates, promoting the product. Guess it must be the other half of the IM Gurus they're talking about, eh?

We're REAL Affiliates; We Make Our Money Doing What You Do

The "Gurus," they say, show you doctored screenshots to fool you into thinking they make money as affiliates. So what do the WHCC2 folks do? They "log in" to their ClickBank account to show you that they don't have their own products; to "show you that all of the income we make is from REAL Affiliate Sales only!" Remember that "all," folks; they not only say it in the video, they actually spell it out on the slide in the screen capture.

People, you can register as many different ClickBank accounts as you want! Do you really think the account they showed you in this video is their only account? You know very well that they've got at least one account with products in it -- where do you think they're tracking their sales of Whitehat Copycat 2?

Some Final Words

Well, folks, this review is already way longer than we planned, and we could keep on ranting, but there isn't much point here. For a much more detailed breakdown of the stunts they're pulling for this product launch, we've put together an article that dissects all the garbage: Whitehat Copycat 2 Deceptions.

As we said earlier, Whitehat Copycat 2 is an example of a good product being sold in a bad way. If, after reading this entire review, you still want to look into it further, click on the banner below, or the video near the beginning. Remember that they do offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can evaluate the product and get your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations. Just don't buy it thinking that you're going to be one of a "select few" who will have access to the product. There will be thousands of people out there using it, and we can guarantee that (even if they won't).

Whitehat Copycat 2

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