This is a follow-on article, with more detailed discussion of the deceptive marketing techniques being used for the Whitehat Copycat 2 product launch. You can read the full Whitehat Copycat 2 Review for more information about the product itself.

Whitehat Copycat 2 Marketing Campaign

Doctor Evil

We've discussed the merits and faults of the product itself in our review, so it's time to turn to what we consider the big problem with it: the way it's being marketed. There are certain techniques used frequently in Internet marketing that we consider at best unethical, and at worst, despicable. We've seen these techniques being used more and more frequently, especially in the last 4-6 months. They're practically a plague in the IM industry at this point, and we've decided we're going to do something about them.

Don't get us wrong: it's very possible to make good money marketing online, and it's also possible to do it ethically, by producing good products that provide real value. It's also possible to slap together half-baked products that don't provide any information or value you couldn't get for free, then make a quick killing on them by using deceptive marketing practices. What's really sad about the Whitehat Copycat 2 campaign is that they do have a good product, and there was absolutely no need for them to resort to these techniques -- but they did!

So, what are the techniques they're using in their campaign? Let's start with what we consider the worst...

False Claims About Scarcity

You're going to see a lot of animated banners for Whitehat Copycat 2 on the web in the next few weeks. We've got an example below. What's one thing they all say about the product? "Only 350 copies Available!". Folks, there's one word to describe that claim: BULLSHIT. If you think they are going to sell only 350 copies of their system, even just 350 copies at an "introductory" $37.00 price, we've got a bridge to sell you in New York.

whitehat copycat 2

This is a classic, well understood technique used not just in Internet Marketing, but in marketing, period. People perceive something as more valuable if there isn't much of it. This is the same impulse that makes stamp collectors spend thousands of dollars on a little square piece of paper that has essentially no real value at all. Diamonds are valuable because they're one of the hardest materials on earth, so they have a lot of uses; but they're really valuable because they are so scarce! Take a moment and you can probably think of many other examples: gold, silver, antique furniture, vintage comic books, almost anything with "limited edition" or "collectible" tacked on at the front.

We are registered as JV affiliates for the product. A standard practice when a big product is launched and the person or company selling it is using JV affiliates to help sell the product is to offer prizes for the top-selling affiliates. And there's nothing wrong with that; BUT listen to this: there are some very nice prizes being offered for the top producers on this launch, we can tell you. But what's most interesting is this: the top prize requires that the affiliate generate at least 200 sales! So, to win this prize, a single affiliate will have to sell more than half the total available copies of the system! And that's only one of the prizes! There are 4 other prizes, requiring anywhere from 10 to 120 sales to qualify.

Folks, there are literally hundreds of affiliate marketers selling this product! They will sell 350 copies in the first hour! Once you're done reading this review, it may be worth your while to go watch the video just as an example of these dishonest techniques. The video is about 19 minutes long; let it run forward to about 15:20, and marvel at the part where they talk about how you would have to buy 700 copies of the product before you would have invested as much as they did just developing the automation scripts. So, let's get this straight: they spent $25,000 developing the Copycat Site Robot, and they're only going to sell 350 copies at $37 to make back $12,950 dollars -- which they are then going to split with their affiliates! What's wrong with this picture?

Make no mistake about it. There will be literally thousands of copies of this system sold. It will still be available on ClickBank 6 months from now, probably at the same $37 "introductory" price. Don't believe us? Head over to CB and go to the Marketplace, then search for Whitehat Copycat. The original WC is still available today, 9 months after its launch. It will still be available a year from now -- and so will Whitehat Copycat 2.

We're Ordinary Joes Like You -- They're the Evil Gurus!

This is another one that we are seeing a lot of, especially recently. There are too many examples of it in the video to count, but it makes appearances at 1:52, 2:55, 3:57, 4:13, and so on. It's another classic: they're the bad guys; we're just regular Joes like you! Time after time after time in this video, they talk about the "Gurus" who have been feeding you lies. The "Gurus" make their millions by selling their shoddy products to unsuspecting innocents. They're going to make lots of rich "Gurus" upset by telling you the real truth.

Folks, we want to let you in on a not-so-secret: Tim Bekker is a Guru! If you've been in the Internet Marketing business for, oh, 5 minutes, you know this already! For this guy to be portraying himself as just a plain ol' affiliate marketer as opposed to one of the "Gurus" is just flat ridiculous! What's more, you're probably going to be getting emails from some of the mailing lists you've joined, talking about all the big names that are on board with this product!

whitehat copycat 2 scam

Newbies Targeted By the Gurus

You just watch your email inboxes: you will be getting promotional emails for this product. They will identify themselves over the coming weeks. Heck, you've probably already received a few. Ask yourself: is the person I just received this email from a "Guru?" They probably are, if you signed up for their mailing list; why else would you get on their list if you didn't think they had something to teach you?

This is just cynicism on steroids, folks. They spend a third of the time in their video talking about the evil gurus, how they lie to you and spread their false information and hawk their shoddy products to make money off you. At about 5:15 into the video, they say they "have no plans on teaming up with any of those guys" in the near future. But on the JV affiliates' resources page, they are boasting about "Some of the biggest names in the IM Industry already on board" and they proceed to list off more than 30 big names who are already signed up as JV affiliate partners! So who are these "evil" gurus?!? Because they've already got half the big IM Gurus signed on as affiliates, promoting the product. Guess it must be the other half of the IM Gurus they're talking about, eh?

We're REAL Affiliates; We Make Our Money Doing What You Do

Run the video forward to about 6:57. Watch in wonder as they proceed to do almost exactly what they're blasting the "Gurus" for doing: showing you "doctored" videos and "faked" screen shots. The "Gurus," they say, do this to make you believe they make money as affiliates. So what do they then do? They "log in" to their ClickBank account to show you that they don't have their own products; to "show you that all of the income we make is from REAL Affiliate Sales only!" Remember that "all," folks; they not only say it in the video, they actually spell it out on the slide in the screen capture.

People, you can register as many different ClickBank accounts as you want! ClickBank even offers a special sort of account called a "Master Account" to allow you to more easily track all of your other accounts! Do you really think the account they showed you in this video is their only account? Of course it isn't! They probably have dozens of accounts to track their different income streams, and a lot of them would have products -- if they'd logged in to those accounts instead. You know very well that they've got at least one account with products in them -- where do you think they're tracking their sales of Whitehat Copycat 2?

Some Final Words

There's a lot more such tricks to be found here, people. Now that you understand what you are about to view, you really should go watch the Whitehat Copycat 2 promotional video just to see how many marketing tricks can be wedged into a single 20-minute video presentation. It's a real learning experience. We were amazed at how blatant some of the scamming was in this video. We were especially astonished that they would use these techniques when the absolutely did not need to.

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