When you are involved in email marketing (you are working on your mailing list, right?), one of the most crucial issues is to keep your email list clean, preventing it from getting clogged up with invalid our out-of-date addresses. This is especially true since most bulk email and autoresponder services charge based on the size of your list. Those bad email addresses can be costing you money!

This tool allows you to quickly and easily check that all of the email addresses in your iContact list are valid email addresses. It flags any email addresses for known bad domains, incorrectly formatted, or which fail the RFC3696 requirements.

Simply dump a copy of your mailing list to a spreadsheet and upload it here. The checks will be performed and an updated spreadsheet will be generated and mailed to your IMC account address, with two extra columns that tell you whether the contact email is good or not, and if not, which test it fails.

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