Acquiring an MBA nowadays can be a pretty highly-priced affair since it is going to end up costing in the region of $30k - $150k. Not simply that however it will also cost two years of your life. Needless to say there's also the additional expenses for items like loan interest, books and also the potential revenue you might have produced were you not studying (aka, the "opportunity cost"). In the end of this total ordeal you may get a job (in this economy you had better have great connections as well as your MBA, which better be from a leading university, otherwise expect a paltry starting salary) guaranteeing you 2-5 years of 12-hour days, 5-7 days per week.

Only if you are lucky enough to survive the brutal job-hunt and interview process where employer after employer will ask you just how much company experience you've got. Mainly because -- surprise, surprise! -- an MBA on its own doesn't mean that much out in the real world. It's a course comprised mainly of theory and cramming students heads with endless case studies, formulas and theories. So if you reply towards the HR department that you have no experience, they won't be pleased.
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