Acquiring an MBA nowadays can be a pretty highly-priced affair since it is going to end up costing in the region of $30k - $150k. Not simply that however it will also cost two years of your life. Needless to say there's also the additional expenses for items like loan interest, books and also the potential revenue you might have produced were you not studying (aka, the "opportunity cost"). In the end of this total ordeal you may get a job (in this economy you had better have great connections as well as your MBA, which better be from a leading university, otherwise expect a paltry starting salary) guaranteeing you 2-5 years of 12-hour days, 5-7 days per week.

Only if you are lucky enough to survive the brutal job-hunt and interview process where employer after employer will ask you just how much company experience you've got. Mainly because -- surprise, surprise! -- an MBA on its own doesn't mean that much out in the real world. It's a course comprised mainly of theory and cramming students heads with endless case studies, formulas and theories. So if you reply towards the HR department that you have no experience, they won't be pleased.

Lots of recently-graduated MBA students decide to skip the job hunt and begin their own empire as an alternative. So what they do is purchase a franchise or get capital to begin a standard business enterprise like a car wash and are now under large monetary pressure to make things work. Lots of these students secure these massive loans against their property and proceed to work like possessed machines for a few years, regardless of whether it was a viable company to get involved with or not. In a lot of situations, it is not. This can be a enormous cash and time-sink and not an extremely useful strategy to do things.

In Internet marketing we're a bit smarter than that (not to brag). We commonly set up a couple of potential organizations (web sites, campaigns and so on.) and start to collect information. If one shows potential that the rest don't, we ditch the under-performers and concentrate on the winners. The winners can then be scaled up as much as we like. This can be a lot harder to pull off using a regular brick and mortar business enterprise, despite the fact that the big boys do operate in a very similar way.

Things move easily and it is quite effective, working with this low-risk strategy. Plus, it allows a budding entrepreneur to study more and a lot faster than they would if they were carrying out things the way they were taught to. He will make plenty of smaller mistakes along with a couple of little wins really quickly, however the lessons are exactly the same -- just a whole lot less painful. It is also much quicker - these experiments can happen within a week or two instead of a year or two. There is also no huge monetary pressure either.

Mastering online marketing teaches a person sales, persuasion, marketing and advertising, copywriting, cash flow, conversion, psychology, work ethic, goal-setting and much, much more. The most significant point even so, is the fact that rather than reading about all these theories and then only finding a way to test them out years later, you are able to read about a method and then, within mere hours, apply it to your enterprise. Speed of implementation could be the name from the game and with an MBA, that's thrown out the window entirely.

Who says you'll need an MBA to run a profitable small business?

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