Here is another of our little code tools for you to use on your website. Remember that you need to install the support plugins for doing PHP code on your website before you can use this code. For the details on how to do this, watch the video in our Using Custom Code From the IMC post.

One of the most common resources that you will find made available to affiliate marketers is banner ad graphics. Just about any product, service or site you might sign up to promote as an affiliate will have some sort of affiliate marketing resources made available. At the very minimum, you will usually find some banner graphics to use in PPC campaigns and such.

There are several standard sizes of these banner graphics, and one of the most common is a simple 125x125 pixel gif or jpeg image. These are perfect to use in a sidebar area on your site, but laying them out in a text widget can be time consuming or difficult if you aren't adept with HTML.

Another issue you may encounter, if you have a large number of offers you're promoting, is that they just take up too much room. We've found it to be convenient to be able to just show a smaller number of the banners, but rotate through them randomly so that they all get displayed over a course of time.

If you're trying to do the same, then this tool might be just what you're looking for. Just upload the images into your media library, get your affiliate link URLs, and download our code, and you'll be good to go. This video demonstrates how to use the code on your site!

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