Inside the cat and mouse game of SEO, change is definitely the only constant. In the year ahead there will no doubt be huge shifts in how we go about improving our rankings and acquiring additional visitors. Even though little is known for sure, it really is clear that you'll find some general trends that began to peek out from behind the curtain in pre-2012 that can only gather steam this year and beyond.

Trend #1 - Social:

A great deal has been stated about social media and its relevance currently. Nevertheless, amongst all of the theories and predictions, one particular issue is very clear: social media is now the preferred solution to share what's valuable with others. If someone likes a product from Enterprise X and really feel their best friend Steve would like to know about it, it is going to most likely be sent as a Facebook message. Twitter is naturally a large player, too.

By using this data Google will be having a considerably more accurate image of what people today are assuming is valued content and as a result could be in a position to deliver significantly better outcomes for their front page. Google knows this and it is one of the particularly big reasons why they began their very own social network, Google +. The reality that it is not beating Facebook out in the ring is irrelevant. They now have oodles of data they never ever had before since Facebook does not permit Google to access normal profiles, only Fan pages, thus making the vast majority of their information inaccessible.

Trend #2 - Panda:

What we saw in 2011 with Panda was just the tip of a big, cold iceberg. It makes no sense for Google to give any weight to low weight links any longer and it's well-known that they're actively seeking out link farms at a rate never before seen. Google is getting really, extremely serious about their client experience (even more so than they always have been) and anything that's going to influence it negatively will be eradicated without mercy. Content farms like eHow and Ezinearticles took enormous hits in 2011 and it's most likely spam links' turn to get knocked down hard this year.

Trend #3 - Big Brother:

Google is getting much too big. It is just that simple. They now have Android, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google +, Google Apps and of course, Google Search as main contributors to their search quality ranking algorithm. They may be speedily becoming all-powerful and will rely less and less on silly items like exact match domains and anchor text backlinks to show a site's recognition, although these will probably stay somewhat of a factor.

They can track click-through rates and on-page instances through their incredibly well-known (and used) Chrome browser, plus what's well-known and being shared in real-time on Google + and what individuals are talking about on Gmail. They've got all their bases covered to get a pretty thorough picture of the Internet as it stands at this time.

Even though absolutely everyone seems to keep predicting the end of Google at the hands of Facebook, the evidence points to a much different picture, and that is definitely one of further consolidation of their position as kings in the search game.

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