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If you've approached your copywriting in a systematic way, you have probably done a lot of studying. You have probably read at least a few of the great books on copywriting by the likes of David Ogilvy or Claude Hopkins, and make no mistake, the same principles discussed in their books continue to apply for online advertisers. That said, there are some things that these folks who came from the age of print media won't even think to warn you about that you really need to be aware of.

Shortcuts on Headlines

In the offline copywriting, direct-mail world, an enormous amount of effort goes into developing headlines. It would be perfectly normal to expect to write anywhere from 50 to 100 headlines for a sales letter before choosing the "winner."

Online copywriters seldom follow this rule. They just don't consider the headline as important enough to merit that kind of effort, or they think they'll be able to tune the headline through split-testing so they don't put in the up-front work. Frequently they'll just write a few headlines, or even just one, and run with it.

Do NOT make this mistake. Your headline is the single most important part of your sales page -- do what the great offline copywriters do, and write those 50-100 headlines. Honestly, you might get lucky and hit on the great one in the first dozen, but don't count on it!

Getting Cheap on Copywriters

When it comes to great sales copy, you truly get what you pay for. Sure, you can skimp and try to do it on the cheap, but you'll almost certainly be shooting yourself in the foot. The folks that you can get to write copy for you at the Warrior Forum for a couple hundred bucks are not going to produce copy you can build your business around.

There's a reason why top copywriters can charge 10s of thousands of dollars for their services: because the copy they write can produce millions of dollars' worth of sales. How can you possibly expect to build a multimillion dollar business around the sales copy produced by someone selling their services on Digital Point or, worse yet, Fiverr?

Bold Headlines, No Proof

If you don't have the proof, lay off the big red headlines and crazy claims. All you're doing is screaming at your readers, and the only thing that's guaranteed to do is annoy them and turn them off.

Proof sells. It's just that simple. One video testimonial, bank statement, or before and after photo set is worth an infinite number of red H1 headlines. While catching the reader's attention is important, a "Make 10,000 Per Month" with no backup is just a waste of time.

Never make a promise you can't back up with real proof. If you can't do that, you need to work on your product.

Skip the SEO

You can do SEO on every page of your site but one: your sales page. NEVER, EVER try to do SEO on your sales page itself.

Just take a moment to think about it: every word of your sales page has to be carefully selected to have exactly the right emotional impact. How can you possibly do that when you're trying to hit keyword density values or worrying about having a keyword phrase in your H1 and H2 tags? The very idea is beyond stupid: but people still try to do it.

Do yourself a favor: SEO the rest of your site, but leave the sales page alone.

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