Internet Marketing Basics

Some Great Old Traffic Methods

If you've been in the IM game for a while, you know that methods of doing just about anything come and go. Some tactics get discarded because newer methods have been developed that do the job better or cheaper. Some get discarded because the technology has changed so that they are no longer viable. But frequently, they get dropped just because they aren't "cool" any more.

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Also, since a lot of traffic tactics involve "bidding" scenarios where marketers "compete" for a traffic resource, if a tactic becomes too popular it can become too expensive because competition drives the price out of reach for the majority of marketers.

However, the fact remains that those tactics still work, and they can remain profitable at some price. And after a particular method of advertising gets too expensive for a while, sometimes its price starts to come back down because people abandon it for cheaper methods.

Let's look at a three methods of generating traffic that aren't generally considered "hot" any longer, but we think are still worth looking at -- because they still work.
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Inside the cat and mouse game of SEO, change is definitely the only constant. In the year ahead there will no doubt be huge shifts in how we go about improving our rankings and acquiring additional visitors. Even though little is known for sure, it really is clear that you'll find some general trends that began to peek out from behind the curtain in pre-2012 that can only gather steam this year and beyond.

Trend #1 - Social:

A great deal has been stated about social media and its relevance currently. Nevertheless, amongst all of the theories and predictions, one particular issue is very clear: social media is now the preferred solution to share what's valuable with others. If someone likes a product from Enterprise X and really feel their best friend Steve would like to know about it, it is going to most likely be sent as a Facebook message. Twitter is naturally a large player, too.
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Get Your Internet Marketing MBA

Acquiring an MBA nowadays can be a pretty highly-priced affair since it is going to end up costing in the region of $30k - $150k. Not simply that however it will also cost two years of your life. Needless to say there's also the additional expenses for items like loan interest, books and also the potential revenue you might have produced were you not studying (aka, the "opportunity cost"). In the end of this total ordeal you may get a job (in this economy you had better have great connections as well as your MBA, which better be from a leading university, otherwise expect a paltry starting salary) guaranteeing you 2-5 years of 12-hour days, 5-7 days per week.

Only if you are lucky enough to survive the brutal job-hunt and interview process where employer after employer will ask you just how much company experience you've got. Mainly because -- surprise, surprise! -- an MBA on its own doesn't mean that much out in the real world. It's a course comprised mainly of theory and cramming students heads with endless case studies, formulas and theories. So if you reply towards the HR department that you have no experience, they won't be pleased.
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Desperate Man with Empty Pockets

Trying to start a business when you're depserate with NO money?

I have a lot of empathy for some of the people that leave comments on Internet Marketing related web sites, particularly on the sites for major product launches by big-name so-called 'Gurus.' Many of these comments are from potential buyers of the products and they say stuff like, "I sure hope this is going to work and that it will be affordable because I'm down to my last few dollars."  Or sometimes they'll say something like, "I've spent so much money on other programs that haven't worked or weren't even what they were said to be. I'm at the end of the line and so I don't know what I'm going to do if this doesn't work!"

Folks, the worst way to enter into any new business venture is from a point of desperation.

If that’s you, my advise is to do whatever you have to in order to relieve your circumstances. Get a second (or even third) job if you have to, sell some valuables, downsize your life (hopefully this will be temporary).

The point is that if you want to really succeed and truly change your life, it is totally possible and entirely up to you. Do not come at this (Internet Marketing) desperately thinking that you need to make a ton of money fast. It will not happen! Or at least it will only happen to one in a thousand.
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Internet Marketing Buyer Bill Of Rights

Internet Marketing has a disease, a plague of sorts that acts as a cancer eating alive the very essence of our industry. Whether you're an Affiliate Marketer, an E-commerce Merchant, an Information Marketer, or anything in between, it's likely you've been affected by some of the disease ridden Internet Marketing Gurus. If you're anything like me, you're sick and tired of the deception, trickery, and the shenanigans that have consumed our time and money as up and coming Internet Marketers.

Given the current state of our illustrious Internet Marketing industry, my partner and I here at The Internet Marketing Clinic have decided to do what we've all been told to do a thousand time, we're taking action. I believe there is more good in this business than there is bad. However, if the 80/20 rule applies and it's only 20% of those that are the bad apples, that 20% is enough of a cancer to cause tremendous damage to the hopes and dreams of many new and aspiring Internet Marketers. Moreover, that 20% often drowns out the goodness in the other majority 80%. We need to... no we MUST weed these people out.

Introducing, 'The Internet Marketing Buyer Bill Of Rights'. This 'Bill Of Rights' so-to-speak is designed to establish a protocol of behaviour and ethics by those marketing products and services to other Internet Marketers. It's also designed to establish a clear and concise set of 'rights' that should be afforded to any of us buying these products and services.

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