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Location Based Marketing Tips

Smart phones have made it possible for millions of people to take their technology with them when they head out from home. Savvy Internet marketers can use this fact to their advantage. Smart phones' GPS systems make it easier for their owners to get where they need to go, but they also make it possible for smart marketers to send messages tailored to the consumers' locations.

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Using this technology in this fashion has led to a whole new type of marketing often referred to as "location based marketing." Regardless of the size of your business, you can leverage this technology for expansion at a rate you might never have expected.

You can customize your mobile phone applications and your text marketing campaigns based upon the customers' locations to give them far more relevant information, personalizing the experience to an extent never before possible. When customers feel like the information you're sending them is meant *just for them* they are going to be far more receptive.

This is especially important in text messaging-based marketing because text messages are fare more immediate. Email can sit in a person's inbox for hours, days or even longer before it is read. A text generally gets read within a few *minutes* or less -- while the customer is still close to the business in question!

Ask yourself which is more likely to generate business: a potential customer will read an email message or pull up a website and be so compelled by your offer that they will put on their shoes, go out the door and drive to your restaurant/office store/clothing shop/whatever, OR: the customer opens your text 30 seconds after they receive it and see that they have a 2-for-1 coupon for dinner at a place that's just a block up and two blocks over?

We think you get the idea.
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Great Free Niche Research Tools

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At this point, pretty much everyone knows about Google's keyword tool, as well as Wordtracker and the basics of long and short tail keyword phrases. We're going to skip over all that for this post and talk instead about some other useful tools to get data about your niche. Here is a list of some that we like to use, and what they are good for:

These tools are all either free or have useful free versions!

This is a really great site that pulls data about Wikipedia's page view counts from It does some cleanup of the data and then displays that information in a graph representing the views of pages containing your chosen keyword over time. It's an excellent tool that lets you do two different but equally important things:

  • You can use it to get a quick grasp of just how big a niche is when compared to others or even the smaller, longer tail versions.
  • You can use it to get an idea for whether interest in your topic is increasing or decreasing, or if it has seasonal characteristics.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Go to the bottom of the post!

You should always be sure to put a "Privacy Policy" page on your website, and the Easy Privacy Policy WordPress plugin makes this an absolute snap. It's a simple, single-purpose plugin that generates a great "legal boilerplate" policy page and allows you to customize it for your site. You can get a copy of the plugin code at this page or you can download it off the Plugins Site.

The search engines like to see a certain default set of pages on your site, like a Privacy Policy, a Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, a Site Map, and a Contact Us page. Neglecting to add these page can negatively impact your search engine rankings for all search engines, not just Google. There are several excellent free WordPress plugins that make it simple and easy to comply with these requirements. We will be doing a series of short reviews on our favorites, and we've chosen the Easy Privacy Policy plugin to do first.
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Folks, one of our users (thanks, Jake77!) dropped an email because he was having trouble with putting PHP code into one of the posts on his blog. When he described what was going on, and showed us the page that was broken, we saw the problem immediately, and I realized that there is another important plugin you need to have on your site if you are going to use IMC code in your posts.

Here is the problem: once you embed PHP code into your post or page, you must never, ever re-open the post in your editor in "Visual" mode. Now, the Exec-PHP plugin puts a warning at the top of the Edit Post/Page display to tell you about this, but it is still possible to miss what that warning is saying or not realize that it applies to you, and still make the mistake.
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Using Custom Code From the IMC

One of our core skills here at the IMC is web programming: PHP coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. And, while WordPress is a fantastic platform to build websites with, it doesn't do everything. So, we like to provide our members with access to some of the custom programming we have done to add abilities that WordPress doesn't have.

You don't need to be a programmer or understand the first thing about programming to use these tools; we'll walk you through exactly how to use them. You just need to be able to use WordPress. If you can create a post or page, or you can add a widget to your sidebar in the WordPress administration area, you can use our custom code!

That said, if you want to take advantage of these code examples and snippets that we like to provide, you will need to install several plugins on your WordPress blog. All of the plugins are completely free, available at The plugins are:

  • PHP Code Widget
  • Exec PHP
  • Raw HTML

To make things simpler for you, we've generated this quick how-to video to walk you through how to get the plugins, then install them on your site. Some of the details will be a little different if you work on a Windows computer instead of Linux, but this should give you enough to do the job.

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