If you've been in the IM game for a while, you know that methods of doing just about anything come and go. Some tactics get discarded because newer methods have been developed that do the job better or cheaper. Some get discarded because the technology has changed so that they are no longer viable. But frequently, they get dropped just because they aren't "cool" any more.

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Also, since a lot of traffic tactics involve "bidding" scenarios where marketers "compete" for a traffic resource, if a tactic becomes too popular it can become too expensive because competition drives the price out of reach for the majority of marketers.

However, the fact remains that those tactics still work, and they can remain profitable at some price. And after a particular method of advertising gets too expensive for a while, sometimes its price starts to come back down because people abandon it for cheaper methods.

Let's look at a three methods of generating traffic that aren't generally considered "hot" any longer, but we think are still worth looking at -- because they still work.
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