Social Media Strategies

Although Facebook Ads have been around for a few years now, they're still one of the newer online advertising platforms, but they're already among the behemoths of the Internet.

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Even so, the majority of online marketers haven't come close to realizing the leverage Facebook Advertising can have on their business. The fact is that people are still trying to run their Facebook Ad campaigns like they do their other PPC ad campaigns and Facebook Ads just don't work like that.

The bottom line is that although Facebook Ads are charged based on the Pay-Per-Click model, they are in fact a completely different animal. To best understand how Facebook PPC really does work, you do not want to begin by taking it from the 'how it's different from Adwords' point of view.  Rather it's better to learn it from its fundamentals and then on up through all its demographic and other targeting intricacies.

So really the mindset is just completely different and so are the various techniques you'll need to generate winning campaigns.
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Within the past few months, social search has been getting integrated into the top search engines. More and more news and information is being disseminated via the social media networks, particularly Twitter and Facebook. Several major news stories have broken via Twitter even before appearing on the established news sites.

When something big happens, people are tweeting it or sharing it via status updates on Facebook like never before. The search engines are adapting to this fact as quickly as they can, recognizing the fast-paced relevance of the information flowing through the social networks.

You can take advantage of this trend as well, if you take the proper steps to optimize your brand for social search, allowing you to get ahead of your competition and bring in customers quicker than ever. Here are some tips to help you with this.
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