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Some pretty widespread panic erupted in the SEO world a few weeks ago when Google rolled out its latest algorithm update, "Penguin." The update dumped many sites into the deep, dark abyss of page 100 in the search results. Oddly, others have not really been seriously hit at all, despite the fact that their link profiles are very manipulative.

Google Penguin 300x224 JPG

This is turning out to be one of the more bizarre updates Google has released and it has kicked up a lot of debate on the subject of its real purpose.

Unlike the previous Panda update we all love so much (do we really need sarcasm tags?), this one doesn't seem to be aimed at improving Google's search results at all. Its primary purpose seems to be penalizing sites with manipulative link profiles, or sites that are in violation of Google's guidelines. Obviously, that could be seen as a contradictory statement.
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Easy Privacy Policy Generator 250x300 JPG

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Go to the bottom of the post!

You should always be sure to put a "Privacy Policy" page on your website, and the Easy Privacy Policy WordPress plugin makes this an absolute snap. It's a simple, single-purpose plugin that generates a great "legal boilerplate" policy page and allows you to customize it for your site. You can get a copy of the plugin code at this page or you can download it off the WordPress.org Plugins Site.

The search engines like to see a certain default set of pages on your site, like a Privacy Policy, a Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, a Site Map, and a Contact Us page. Neglecting to add these page can negatively impact your search engine rankings for all search engines, not just Google. There are several excellent free WordPress plugins that make it simple and easy to comply with these requirements. We will be doing a series of short reviews on our favorites, and we've chosen the Easy Privacy Policy plugin to do first.
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Inside the cat and mouse game of SEO, change is definitely the only constant. In the year ahead there will no doubt be huge shifts in how we go about improving our rankings and acquiring additional visitors. Even though little is known for sure, it really is clear that you'll find some general trends that began to peek out from behind the curtain in pre-2012 that can only gather steam this year and beyond.

Trend #1 - Social:

A great deal has been stated about social media and its relevance currently. Nevertheless, amongst all of the theories and predictions, one particular issue is very clear: social media is now the preferred solution to share what's valuable with others. If someone likes a product from Enterprise X and really feel their best friend Steve would like to know about it, it is going to most likely be sent as a Facebook message. Twitter is naturally a large player, too.
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More About Our IMC Custom Code

Folks, one of our users (thanks, Jake77!) dropped an email because he was having trouble with putting PHP code into one of the posts on his blog. When he described what was going on, and showed us the page that was broken, we saw the problem immediately, and I realized that there is another important plugin you need to have on your site if you are going to use IMC code in your posts.

Here is the problem: once you embed PHP code into your post or page, you must never, ever re-open the post in your editor in "Visual" mode. Now, the Exec-PHP plugin puts a warning at the top of the Edit Post/Page display to tell you about this, but it is still possible to miss what that warning is saying or not realize that it applies to you, and still make the mistake.
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Here is another of our little code tools for you to use on your website. Remember that you need to install the support plugins for doing PHP code on your website before you can use this code. For the details on how to do this, watch the video in our Using Custom Code From the IMC post.

One of the most common resources that you will find made available to affiliate marketers is banner ad graphics. Just about any product, service or site you might sign up to promote as an affiliate will have some sort of affiliate marketing resources made available. At the very minimum, you will usually find some banner graphics to use in PPC campaigns and such.
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