Internet Marketing Buyer Bill Of Rights

Internet Marketing has a disease, a plague of sorts that acts as a cancer eating alive the very essence of our industry. Whether you're an Affiliate Marketer, an E-commerce Merchant, an Information Marketer, or anything in between, it's likely you've been affected by some of the disease ridden Internet Marketing Gurus. If you're anything like me, you're sick and tired of the deception, trickery, and the shenanigans that have consumed our time and money as up and coming Internet Marketers.

Given the current state of our illustrious Internet Marketing industry, my partner and I here at The Internet Marketing Clinic have decided to do what we've all been told to do a thousand time, we're taking action. I believe there is more good in this business than there is bad. However, if the 80/20 rule applies and it's only 20% of those that are the bad apples, that 20% is enough of a cancer to cause tremendous damage to the hopes and dreams of many new and aspiring Internet Marketers. Moreover, that 20% often drowns out the goodness in the other majority 80%. We need to... no we MUST weed these people out.

Introducing, 'The Internet Marketing Buyer Bill Of Rights'. This 'Bill Of Rights' so-to-speak is designed to establish a protocol of behaviour and ethics by those marketing products and services to other Internet Marketers. It's also designed to establish a clear and concise set of 'rights' that should be afforded to any of us buying these products and services.