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Kajabi Brass Tacks Review

Hello Everyone,

Personally, I’m already sick of hearing about Kajabi. So I will do the only thing that makes sense, talk more about Kajabi. :-)

With regard to most of the so-called reviews out there on Kajabi. Typically they're just sales pitches disguised in a features overview, masquerading as a review. The fact that there’s usually no mention of Kajabi’s 'Cons' (weaknesses) indicates something other than an actual review.

Many commentators keep pointing out that Kajabi is only for the more serious business person and experienced marketing professionals. I say Kajabi is really more tailored to the Upstart marketer with just one or two products.

Kajabi Review 300x300 Image

Why? Because ’serious’ marketers like myself that have ‘experience’ with such things, especially those of us with some solid technical experience are very unlikely to adopt the Kajabi platform. Now I’m not saying that everyone would stay away from Kajabi, but probably most of them will.

The reason is that Kajabi owns and controls your work and in essence your business. Or at least the part of your business that you’re running on Kajabi. No serious and/or experienced business person is going to allow that. Kajabi is going to be attractive to the same people that like MS Windows.

In the software development world, Kajabi is guilty of many sins in how it’s structured to own and control. Experienced people are not going to run to a Kajabi for a few bells and Whistles at the expense of giving up the things that really matter in a business.
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Easy Video Player 2 Review

Easy Video Player 2.0 Brass Tacks Review

Easy Video Player Review 300x169 Image
Here is the latest in our series of Brass Tacks Reviews. Thankfully, we won't have to do a big trashing job here like we had to for our Whitehat Copycat 2 Review last week. Easy Video Player 2 is a much more general-purpose tool for your marketing arsenal, not a marketing system or training program. So in some ways, it's much easier to review, because it really boils down to a few simple questions:

  • Does the tool do something that I need to have done?
  • Does it do that thing well, and with as little effort as possible on my part?
  • Does the tool actually do what the people selling it claim that it does?

About Easy Video Player 2

Easy Video Player 2 is the second iteration of the original Easy Video Player software suite from Josh Bartlett. It adds features and functionality and fixes some annoying glitches that the original suite suffered from.
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Popup Domination 2 Review

Popup Domination 2.0 Brass Tacks Review

Popup Domination 2 Review 200x182 Image
Here is the next in our series of Brass Tacks Reviews. The good news is, we won't have to do a big trash job here like we did for our Whitehat Copycat 2 Review last week. Popup Domination 2 is a general-purpose marketing tool, not a training program or system. The questions you ask when evaluating a tool are usually different from the questions you ask about a training program. A tool generally either works or it doesn't, and you know which it is by using it. Evaluations of training programs and marketing systems are a lot more subjective.

Popup Domination: What is It?

Popup Domination is/was a WordPress plugin that greatly simplifies the construction and configuration of light box-style email opt-in forms. Light box popups, in case you don't know, are those nifty-looking popups that appear "on top" of your web pages that cause the rest of the page to go "dark" so that the popup really stands out. Since they are implemented as hidden div tags that are "shown" by javascript instead of actual browser windows, most popup blockers have no effect on them.
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Turbo Traffic System Review

Turbo Traffic System Bonuses

Turbo Traffic System Description

What is Turbo Traffic System

Strong SEO techniques and Social Networking sites are the focus of Turbo Traffic System. It's the latest coaching program developed by two extremely successful online marketers, for teaching techniques to generate targeted traffic to your websites.

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Auto Content Cash Review

Auto Content Cash Review

Auto Content Cash - What Is It?

Auto Content Cash is a full training system on how to create niche information sites that auto-populate with content and rank well on Google. Their approach is to create "auto-pilot" sites that require little or no maintenance after they have been set up. The sites that result have excellent, automated on-site SEO so that they can rank in the 1st page of Google with little or no backlink building, cutting down on both setup work and maintenance immensely. This is the key point: ZERO UPKEEP.

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