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Configuring Platinum SEO Plugin

Configuring Platinum SEO Pack

Platinum SEO Pack Basics

Platinum SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that automates a great deal of the basic SEO optimization of your posts and your blog site as a whole. It allows you to do a basic configuration and then focus on the content of your posts instead of the details of optimizing them for SEO. If you've been reading our blog for a while, you've seen some previous posts on this plugin: one on installing platinum SEO plugin, another on basic SEO concepts that touched on the use of Platinum SEO for that purpose. This article will go into much more depth about how to properly configure Platinum SEO for use.

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Platinum SEO Plugin, WordPress, and Basic On-Site SEO

Understanding Basic SEO Concepts

Basic SEO concepts apply to your use of Platinum SEO plugin to optimize your blog for search engines. If you understand these concepts, you are much more likely to configure and use the plugin to your best advantage. Note: for the remainder of this article, we will refer to Google; you should take this as shorthand for "any major search engine" as they all behave similarly. There are three major concepts that we will go over in this article, with an eye toward how they apply to WordPress blogs and how Platinum SEO plugin addresses them:

  1. Google can only analyze text content on your site
  2. Google weights keywords higher when they are emphasized properly
  3. Google dislikes content it perceives as "duplicate" and penalizes for it

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Installing Platinum SEO Plugin

Getting Started with Platinum SEO Plugin

Why Use Platinum SEO Plugin?

On-site SEO is important to improve your rankings in search results on topics relevant to your blog. But the details of SEO can involve a lot of effort, and many people are confused or uncertain about what is required to do it. If you are using WordPress for your blog, a lot of the grunt work of SEO can be done automatically for you if you install the right plugins. One of these is Platinum SEO plugin, but to get the most out of it you must configure it properly and follow some basic rules for using it as you add posts to your blog.

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