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Article Marketing Techniques

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Folks, the secret is out (to say the least): article marketing is an inexpensive and lucrative way to attract visitors to your site. Still, just because you may direct lots of traffic to your website because of your successful article marketing campaign, doesn't mean that you will always see a direct correlation between the additional traffic and increased profits. To do that, you want to add real value to your article marketing.
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Turbo Traffic System Review

Turbo Traffic System Bonuses

Turbo Traffic System Description

What is Turbo Traffic System

Strong SEO techniques and Social Networking sites are the focus of Turbo Traffic System. It's the latest coaching program developed by two extremely successful online marketers, for teaching techniques to generate targeted traffic to your websites.

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Platinum SEO Plugin, WordPress, and Basic On-Site SEO

Understanding Basic SEO Concepts

Basic SEO concepts apply to your use of Platinum SEO plugin to optimize your blog for search engines. If you understand these concepts, you are much more likely to configure and use the plugin to your best advantage. Note: for the remainder of this article, we will refer to Google; you should take this as shorthand for "any major search engine" as they all behave similarly. There are three major concepts that we will go over in this article, with an eye toward how they apply to WordPress blogs and how Platinum SEO plugin addresses them:

  1. Google can only analyze text content on your site
  2. Google weights keywords higher when they are emphasized properly
  3. Google dislikes content it perceives as "duplicate" and penalizes for it

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