The IM Wall Of Shame

This is where we point out the worst of the worst. These are products that clearly do not deliver on what they promise, are deliberately deceiving, or just plain waste your time and money. Steer clear of the products, and what's more take anything the sellers and the promoters say in the future with a grain of salt -- a really big grain of salt.

That said, it's possible for an otherwise decent marketer to simply put out a bad product once in a while without being truly unscrupulous, and some gurus may occasionally not vet products as well as they should before promoting them. So you probably shouldn't shun someone forever if they've got only one or (maybe) two entries on this list, but you should definitely be wary. And if someone shows up here repeatedly, well, it's probably best to just write them off and look elsewhere for people to provide you the tools you need.

Current IMC Wall of Shame

Whitehat Copycat 2
  • The Perp: Tim Bekker
  • The Crime: Felony Bullshit
  • The Conspirators: Rob Benwell, Chris X, Jerome Chapman, Oli Tee, Imran & Kieran, Steven Lee Jones, Mike Auton, Ian Ross, Paul & Antonio, Mark Anastasi, Matt Benwell, Adeel Chowdhry, Andrew Fox, Chris Fox, Chris Freville, Mark Shay, Craig Davidson, Melford Bibens, Peter Lenkefi, Jani G, Dylan Loh, Craig Kaye, Jit Uppal, Adam Spiel, Desmond Ong, Letian Liu, Jason Parker, Steven Johnson, Tom Bell, Shawn Casey, Saj P, Philip Mansour, Ran Aroussi, Jeff Dedrick, Hitesh
  • The Article: Whitehat Copycat 2 Review
  • Reviewed: Oct 20th, 2010